Koala Photo Gallery

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Notice that Stellar definitely has her mother's fluffy ears and her dad's cheekiness by comparing these two photos. Stellar's brother Euchy (L) and sisters Blossom (R) and Euchette (up).

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Albino koala behind glass at the San Diego Zoo.


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Enviro Kidz Koala - He's a real looker and he has his own cereal, breakfast bars and waffles. He has other endangered pals as well who also have their own products.Click on the koala to learn more about donations to the AKF when you purchase his snacks!

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Adopting Blossom at the San Diego Zoo.

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Visiting Euclid at FAO Schwartz. We finally adopted him on Easter Sunday  2002!

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Koala Land in the South of France. There weren't any koalas but we met some goats.

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Euchy has dinner with a friend at Real Food Daily.

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